Our Story

How we came to be - by Naomi

After both living in teeny tiny Ocean Beach for many years just blocks from each other it wouldn't be until years later that we actually met. Music has been the constant companion in our fun adventures of love.  After several chance encounters at rock shows at the Casbah and Belly Up we both found ourselves at a screening of the rockumentary "It Might Get Loud", which my awesome friend Mer convinced me to go to, thanks Mer!  Andrew was sitting directly in front of us and on a date with someone else (gasp!) , he thought I was on a date with someone too (I wasn't!).

 Then two days later came Street Scene, San Diego's once awesome annual music festival.  I found myself in the Beer Garden watching Modest Mouse when I looked over and saw Andrew with a solo cup of beer and I am pretty sure he was only wearing one shoe.  This is where we don't agree about the story even though I am 150% sure I walked up to Andrew, he will tell you he came up to me (NOT TRUE!).  We talked about the rockumentray, both agreed Jimmy Page was the most bad ass and that people should cut The Edge some slack, cause he's pretty bad ass too.  Andrew told me he was having a party the next night at the new house he had just moved into and that I should come, so this is where the exchanging of numbers officially happened which would begin a week long relationship of funny/ridiculous text messaging until Andrew got up the nerve to ask me out on a real date (via text message of course). I didn't go to the party that next night, Street Scene day two was happening and took much priority over most things in life.  Very well worth it since Band of Horses played a Gram Parsons cover.

Our first date was at a tiny little Mexican place called La Playita where we ate shrimp ceviche and drank Pacifico micheladas and both nervously talked way too much.  I should mention that Andrew showed up in a unicorn tie-dye t-shirt that Amanda (bff/roomate of 5 years) did not approve of for a first date. But as I would come to find out, would be one of many tie dye t-shirt dates we would have.  

Three houses, two dogs, and one really long road trip together I'd say we are in it for the long haul.  

Feel free to post any comments or memories about the wedding